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100Whr HP Pavilion M6 M7 M6-1000 M7-1000 battery

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100whr 9cell original MO09 HSTNN-LB3N 671731-001 671567-421 672326-421 HP Pavilion M6-1000 M7-1000 ENVY m6-1100 dv4-5200 dv6-7200 dv7-7200 battery

Battery Type Li-ion
Voltage 11.1V
Capacity 8850mah 100Whr
Color black
Net Weight 360g

Battery Condition Brand New, 100% OEM
Warranty 12 months Long

Fit for:

HP Pavilion M6-1000 Series
HP Pavilion m6-1000ei m6-1000eo m6-1000ev m6-1000sb m6-1000sg m6-1000so m6-1000sr m6-1000ss m6-1000sv m6-1001ax m6-1001ea m6-1001sa m6-1002ea m6-1002sa m6-1002tx m6-1002xx m6-1004sa m6-1004tx m6-1005tx m6-1006tx m6-1007tx m6-1008tx m6-1009tx m6-1010ec m6-1010ev m6-1010ex m6-1010sp m6-1010sv m6-1010sw m6-1010tx m6-1012tx m6-1013tx m6-1014tx m6-1015eb m6-1015ew m6-1015sb m6-1015tx m6-1016tx m6-1017ez m6-1017sz m6-1017tx m6-1018tx m6-1019tx m6-1020ei m6-1020ex m6-1020sw m6-1021tx m6-1022tx m6-1023so m6-1025sb m6-1030ec m6-1030em m6-1030er m6-1030sm m6-1030sq m6-1030sw m6-1031er m6-1032er m6-1033sr m6-1034er m6-1035dx m6-1035eo m6-1035so m6-1040ec m6-1040eo m6-1040er m6-1041eo m6-1041er m6-1042eo m6-1042er m6-1042so m6-1045dx m6-1048ca m6-1050ek m6-1050er m6-1050et m6-1050sa m6-1050sg m6-1050sp m6-1050st m6-1051er m6-1051sd m6-1052eo m6-1052er m6-1052sr m6-1054eo m6-1054sa m6-1055sa m6-1058ca m6-1060ee m6-1060em m6-1060er m6-1060et m6-1060se m6-1060sf m6-1060sl m6-1060sm m6-1060so m6-1060sq m6-1060sr m6-1061er m6-1061sr m6-1062er m6-1062sf m6-1062sr m6-1063sf m6-1064ca m6-1066ez m6-1066sz m6-1068ca m6-1070ee m6-1070ef m6-1070se m6-1070sf m6-1070sl m6-1071se m6-1072sf m6-1073ea m6-1075ea m6-1076la m6-1084ca m6-1090ee m6-1090se m6-1091ee m6-1091se m6-1000 CTO

HP Pavilion M7-1000 Series
HP Pavilion m7-1015dx m7-1078ca

HP Envy m6-1100 Series
HP Envy m6-1100er m6-1100ex m6-1100sr m6-1100sx m6-1101ek m6-1101er m6-1101so m6-1101sr m6-1102eia m6-1102er m6-1102sa m6-1102so m6-1103ee m6-1103er m6-1103es m6-1103se m6-1103so m6-1103sr m6-1103ss m6-1104ee m6-1104eia m6-1104eo m6-1104er m6-1104es m6-1104se m6-1104ss m6-1105ec m6-1105er m6-1105so m6-1106er m6-1107er m6-1110ew m6-1110sw m6-1120ew m6-1120sw m6-1125eb m6-1125sb m6-1130eb m6-1130sb m6-1140ec m6-1140sg m6-1150eb m6-1150er m6-1150et m6-1150sa m6-1150sb m6-1150ss m6-1150st m6-1151eo m6-1151er m6-1151sa m6-1151so m6-1151sr m6-1152er m6-1153er m6-1153sr m6-1154ea m6-1154eo m6-1154ep m6-1154er m6-1154ez m6-1154sa m6-1154sp m6-1154sr m6-1155eo m6-1156ez m6-1157ez m6-1157sa m6-1160ee m6-1160et m6-1160la m6-1160se m6-1160sf m6-1160st m6-1161ee m6-1161se m6-1161sf m6-1162ef m6-1162sf m6-1170ef m6-1170ep m6-1170sf m6-1170sp m6-1173sf m6-1178ea m6-1178sa m6-1182eg m6-1183eg

HP ENVY dv4-5200 Series
HP ENVY dv4-5264la dv4-5266la dv4t-5200 CTO

HP ENVY dv6-7200 Series
HP ENVY dv6-7200 CTO dv6-7200ea dv6-7200ej dv6-7200eo dv6-7200et dv6-7200sl dv6-7200st dv6-7201eg dv6-7202ee dv6-7202eg dv6-7202se dv6-7202ss dv6-7203es dv6-7203ss dv6-7204ee dv6-7204se dv6-7205ee dv6-7205se dv6-7227sa dv6-7240sg dv6-7250eb dv6-7250ec dv6-7250er dv6-7250sb dv6-7250sr dv6-7251eo dv6-7251er dv6-7252eo dv6-7252er dv6-7254eo dv6-7260er dv6-7261er dv6-7262er dv6-7263er dv6-7264er dv6-7267ez dv6-7270sp dv6-7275ez dv6-7276ez dv6-7280eb dv6-7280ef dv6-7280ep dv6-7280ex dv6-7280ez dv6-7280la dv6-7280sf dv6-7280sl dv6-7280sp dv6-7280sx dv6-7285ex dv6-7285sx dv6-7290ef dv6-7290ex dv6-7290sf dv6-7290sx dv6-7291sf dv6-7295ex dv6-7295sx dv6t-7200 CTO Quad Edition dv6t-7200 CTO Select Edition

HP ENVY dv7-7200 Series
HP ENVY dv7-7200eb dv7-7200et dv7-7200ex dv7-7200sb dv7-7200sg dv7-7200st dv7-7200sx dv7-7201eg dv7-7201sa dv7-7202ed dv7-7202eg dv7-7202sl dv7-7202ss dv7-7203sa dv7-7203ss dv7-7204ea dv7-7204ed dv7-7210em dv7-7210ep dv7-7210ew dv7-7210ex dv7-7210sm dv7-7210sp dv7-7210sw dv7-7210sx dv7-7215sg dv7-7220ew dv7-7220sw dv7-7230ec dv7-7230ew dv7-7230sw dv7-7240ew dv7-7240sw dv7-7250eb dv7-7250er dv7-7250ew dv7-7250sb dv7-7251eo dv7-7251er dv7-7251sz dv7-7252eo dv7-7252er dv7-7253er dv7-7254er dv7-7254sr dv7-7255er dv7-7255sr dv7-7260er dv7-7260ew dv7-7260sf dv7-7261er dv7-7262er dv7-7263er dv7-7264er dv7-7264ez dv7-7265er dv7-7266er dv7-7267er dv7-7270ef dv7-7270sf dv7-7271sf dv7-7280sf dv7-7282sf dv7-7283eg dv7-7286ez dv7-7287ez dv7-7290eb dv7-7290ef dv7-7290eo dv7-7290ez dv7-7290sf dv7-7290sl dv7-7292eo dv7-7294eo dv7-7295ez dv7-7297sf dv7-7298sf dv7-7299ef dv7-7299sf dv7t-7200 CTO Quad Edition dv7t-7200 CTO Select Edition

Replace Part Number:

MO06 H2L55AA H2L55AA#ABB HSTNN-LB3N 671731-001 671567-421 672326-421


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